Cal PREPARE is a CDC Preparedness & Emergency Response Research Center (PERRC) based at the Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness (CIDER), UC Berkeley School of Public Health. As a CDC Center for Public Health Preparedness (CPHP), CIDER is building upon its tradition of partnering with local and state health departments and its early emphasis on serving vulnerable populations. Cal PREPARE’s CDC research priority theme is “to create and maintain sustainable preparedness and response systems.

What We Do

Based at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Cal PREPARE builds on CIDER’s expertise in surveillance, field investigations, epidemiologic methods, communicable disease control, and training innovations on preparing vulnerable populations for disasters. Because CIDER core and affiliated faculty were or are active public health professionals, we have established strong training, technical assistance, and research partnerships with the public health community. (read more)


Our vision is “to be a national leader in public health emergency readiness research and training.” Our mission is “to conduct all-hazards research, training, and services that

(1) improves the biosurveillance capabilities of public health systems; and

(2) improves the capability of public health and local communities to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from public health. (read more)


Cal PREPARE received research translation funding to extend work on the Continuous Decision Improvement Project through 2014. 

Cal PREPARE researchers have added the following publications and interview coverage to their achievements during 2013. 

Cal PREPARE Project 1, entitled All-Hazards Communication to Improve the Resilience of Vulnerable Populations, has been working to assess and improve all-hazards preparedness communication for sele

Cal PREPARE Project 4: EXLAB would like to highlight three recent publications stemming from their research: